Prodigal In Spotlight Dance At Wedding Of Very Very Good Girl & SportsBizPro

Dancing With The Star

We just received photos from last year’s Very Very Good Girl – SportsBizPro nuptials.1 From these pictures, it’s clear that Prodigal tripping the light fantastic was an exclusive feature of the post-wedding festivities.

As I responded earlier this morning to Prodigal’s query, “What’s the narrative tale of the blog today,” (yes, he routinely talks like that) the photos are self-explanatory.

Click on photos for best viewing.






  1. The delay in receiving the photos is due to (1) What the parents of the bride (AKA Duke of Derm and Princess of Peds) euphemistically term – when in public – “problems with the wedding photograpy” and (2) Very Very Good Girl’s self-confessed habitual tardiness (see, for example, Thank You Card Crisis Averted At Last Moment – Republic Saved). She was never at risk of being mistaken for the Runaway Bride. Had she fled the marital vows, her decampment would no doubt have been delayed until the ceremony was complete, which would seem to negate the underlying principle. And, when she did take flight, it would have been as the Amble-away Bride, the Saunter-away Bride, or even the Hesitantly Perambulate-away Bride. []

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  1. Great pictures. :-) Kudos to the dancer!