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Leonard Cohen – Live In London: Closing Time

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1 Week Of Leonard Cohen – Live In London From Pitchfork

Pitchfork is hosting free on-demand video showings of the Leonard Cohen – Live In London concert for – as they repeatedly remind us – one week only.1

As noted in the Pitchfork blurb,

The classic singer-songwriter’s July 18, 2008 gig from London’s O2 Arena is lovingly documented in this excellent concert film. The two-and-a-half-hour set is available in its entirely.

I set the embedded player to play “Closing Time.”  Upon completion of that track, the embed code provided by Pitchfork (at least on my trials) automatically takes one through the songs of the album  in reverse order – i.e.,  after “Closing Time” (#24), the player goes to “If It Be Your Will” (#23), then to “Sisters Of Mercy” (#22), and so on.

The concert can be played in proper succession at the Pitchfork site which also offers the capacity to play a specific song from the concert’s 24 tracks rather than accept the predetermined order of the set: Pitchfork Presents Leonard Cohen – Live In London For One Week Only.

Leonard Cohen – Live In London Tracks:

1. Dance Me To The End Of Love
2. The Future
3. Ain’t No Cure For Love
4. Bird On The Wire
5. Everybody Knows
6. In My Secret Life
7. Who By Fire
8. Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye
9. Anthem
10. Introduction
11. Tower Of Song
12. Suzanne
13. The Gypsy’s Wife
14. Boogie Street
15. Hallelujah
16. Democracy
17. I’m Your Man
18. Recitation w N.L.
19. Take This Waltz
20. So Long Marianne
21. First We Take Manhattan
22. Sisters Of Mercy
23. If It Be Your Will
24. Closing Time
25. I Tried To Leave You
26. Whither Thou Goest

  1. The dates must be listed someplace on the Pitchfork site, but I haven’t yet found when the week started or when it ends. []

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