Rare 1970 Leonard Cohen Partisan & Regina Videos

On French TV 29 Years Ago –  On The Net Yesterday

The recent surge in uploads of rarely seen Leonard Cohen videos continues with two clips from 1970, both contributed by lightning49, AKA  lightning at LeonardCohenForum, who has a history of locating and offering high quality, unusual, and hard to find videos of Leonard Cohen and others.

Leonard Cohen – The Partisan Song (Introduced By Joe Dassin)

As a too-provincial, one-language sort of guy, I am especially appreciative of the translations provided by lightning49.

From the introduction:

May 13, 1970, rare French TV version of the Partisan Song on the Joe Dassin Show, “Arpèges sur Joe Dassin.” Joe Dassin was an American French variety singer, son of French cineaste, Jules Dassin, who came to Europe because he was a communust blacklisted by McCarthy in 1930. The anglophone version of the Partisan Song was by Hy Zaret/Anna Marley, adaptation of a French song from 1943 by ‘Bernard.” French verse by Leonard Cohen.

Leonard Cohen Regina

Update: See The Real Story Behind Leonard Cohen & The Army Singing “The Arms Of Regina” 1970 – 1HeckOfAGuy.com

From the introduction:

Rare performance by a rare bird, Leonard Cohen, anglophone chansonnier from Montreal, erroneously dubbed a folk singer, now allied with American Country music, Nashville style. Here he performs with a country band on TV in Paris, France. The show was called “Arpèges sur Joe Dassin” May 13, 1970.

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