Best Bootlegs: The Dirty Mac Sessions – John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Mitch Mitchell

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From The Rock ‘N’ Roll Circus – The Dirty Mac Sessions


The following description is from the April 7, 2008 post wherein The Dirty Mac made its first Heck Of A Guy appearance:

The Rock and Roll Circus

It turns out that the Stones got together with a few of their friends in 1968 to put on a show that would be broadcast later on TV as Rock And Roll Circus. Partying down were their groupies, roadies, knife throwers, tigers, midgets, and a few musicians whose names you may have heard before: The Who, Jethro Tull, Taj Mahal and Marianne Faithful (AKA Mick Jagger’s girl friend, AKA “big titted angel”).

For the occasion, John Lennon2 put together a rather nifty group, The Dirty Mac,3 with Winston Leg-Thigh (Lennon), Eric Clapton, Mitch Mitchell (the drummer from The Jimi Hendrix Experience), and Keith Richards.

Dirty Mac performed “Yer Blues,” a song Lennon wrote for the Beatles White Album, on the air. Unfortunately, the only other broadcast work this incrediblysupergroup found was backing up Yoko Ono and violinist Ivry Gitlis on a “Whole Lotta Yoko,” the name of which is the song’s only interesting feature.

To whet your appetite, enjoy the video of the “Yer Blues” broadcast, AKA the best darn song Dirty Mac ever performed in public, including the introduction by Mick Jagger.

The Dirty Mac Sessions Bootleg

As the track list makes clear, the bootleg is a composite of songs from various sources.4

1. Yer Blues (Rehearsal)
2. Blues Jam
3. John & Mick’s Intro Of ‘The Dirty Mac’
4. Yer Blues (Film Soundtrack)
5. Whole Lotta Yoko
6. John & Mick ‘Yer Blues’ Acapella
7. Yer Blues (Take 1)
8. Yer Blues (Take 2)
9. Yer Blues (IBC Mono Acetate)
10. Jam (IBC Mono Acetate)
11. Mini Opera (IBC Mono Acetate)
12. Purple Haze (IBC Mono Acetate)
13. Wild Thing (IBC Mono Acetate)

Tracks 1-2: Unused Rehearsal Versions
Tracks 3-5: From Film Soundtrack
Tracks 6: Studio Dialogue
Tracks 7-8: Early Versions With No Vocals
Tracks 9-13: Taken From A Mono IBC Acetate

Download The Dirty Mac Sessions

The Dirty Mac Sessions bootleg can be downloaded at Grateful Breed

  1. This post is part of the Heck Of A Guy Best Bootlegs Series. An explanation of this project is included in the first post in this category: Best Bootlegs: Otis Redding – A Soupçon Of Soul. []
  2. Ominously, this was Lennon’s first professional appearance without the other Beatles. []
  3. Lennon chose the name, “Dirty Mac,” as a play on “Fleetwood Mac,” a group enjoying popularity in England at the time []
  4. Included as a bonus is “Jimi Hendrix guitar god (from The Jimi Hendrix Experience) playing two days before Dirty Mac.” []

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