Great Video Summary Of Cohen's Hamilton Concert


Four-Part Video Captures Samples From Each Song Played

Now online at the Best Of Leonard Cohen World Tour 2008-2009 page at LeonardCohenSearch is a four part video summary of the May 19, 2009 Leonard Cohen Hamilton concert.

High quality camera work and excellent editing combine to offer excellent visual and audio coverage of representative portions of every song performed during that show. This is the only compressed version of a complete Cohen concert from the current World Tour I’ve seen and an impressive composite that is well worth viewing.

Kudos to enervatingpeople, who uploaded these videos, both for the outstanding videos and the  generosity displayed in sharing this effort with viewers.

The Hamilton concert videos as well as other special photos, music, videos, events, oddities, & insights from The Leonard Cohen 2008-2009 World Tour can be found at Best Of Leonard Cohen World Tour 2008-2009

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