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First Recorded Jackson Browne Concert

Jackson Browne’s performance at the 200 seat Syracuse University Jabberwocky Club took place March 27, 1971, a year before he released his debut solo album but several years after his career began in the 1960s in Los Angeles and Orange County folk clubs. He also became, briefly, a part of the coffeehouse-based folk circuit in New York City in the late 1960s.

Prior to the Jabberwocky performance, Jackson Browne had written songs recorded by Nico, The Byrds, Bonnie Raitt, and The Eagles.2

The Bootleg

From Beehivecandy:

Source: The source is from a first generation master, soundboard recording.

Sound Quality
: The sound quality is very good to excellent, very clear and clean, in all very good stereo @192kbps mp3.

Set: Full concert recording.

Set List:

01 Introduction
02 Under The Falling Star
03 World To Gain ***
04 Together Again ***
05 Mae Jean Goes To Hollywood
06 Last Time I Was Home ***
07 Jesus In 3/4 Time
08 My Opening Farewell
09 From Silverlake
10 Rock Me On The Water
11 Jamaica Say You Will

12 Together Again ***
13 Take It Underground ***
14 When You Lose Your Money ***
15 Our Lady Of The Well
16 These Days
17 Someday Morning
18 Shadow Dream Song
19 Song For Adam
20 Looking Into You

*** Songs that Jackson Browne never recorded for any album.

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Beehivecandy: Jackson Browne – Jabberwocky Club 1971

  1. This post is part of the Heck Of A Guy Best Bootlegs Series. An explanation of this project is included in the first post in this category: Best Bootlegs: Otis Redding – A Soupçon Of Soul. []
  2. Browne co-wrote the Eagles’ classic number, “Desperado.” []

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