It Looks Different Because It's Being Fixed – I Hope

Heck Of A Guy blog has experienced an intermittent, irreproducible, worsening software problem for the past several months.

As part of the effort to identify the glitch, I’m eliminating some of the customized features. If the problem goes away, I can reintroduce those features one at a time to determine which of them is the culprit. If the problem doesn’t go away, I’ve at least tentatively eliminated a batch of potential diagnoses and can work on the other possible issues.

The idea is to end up with the blog as it was minus the glitch.

In the meantime, if you can’t find a post, a video, an audio file, etc that should be here or if you discover something not working, please let me know by emailing DrHGuy AT 1HeckOfAGuy Dot Com.

I apologize for the hassles these repairs cause viewers.

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