Where Leonard Cohen Got That Hat



It Must Be The Hat

A question posed on LeonardCohenForum about the type of fedora Leonard Cohen has worn throughout the current World Tour triggered this reply from Hollywood Hatters1

To answer your questions in regards to where and what is the hat that Leonard has been wearing, it is in fact from our store; Hollywood Hatters. Leonard is a wonderful client of ours whom we have had the pleasure to serve for upwards of 5 years. The hat that he has been wearing on his current tour is a small brim, wool-felt fedora called “The Melodrama”. It is an American made hat that is available at our store in sizes SM – XLG and comes in black, gray, dark brown, light brown, navy, bone, green, ivory white, slate blue and plum.




Credit Due Department: The images of the Melodrama at the end of the post are from the Hollywood Hatters web site.

  1. The Hollywood Hatters web site is located at Hollywood Hatters []

2 responses to “Where Leonard Cohen Got That Hat

  1. Puddingdale

    Does it help if I tell you that the inside label of Cohen’s hat in Lörrach clearly read “Stetson”? I could see it whenever he lifted his hat.
    But then the hat for outside venues seems to differ from the one for halls :)

    • The man is correct. Cohen wears more than one style of hat in concert and, of course, he wore hats of all sorts prior to this Tour. I am remiss in not explaining that the hat and retailers featured in this post is, I suppose, the prototype fedora featured at many but not all 2008-2009 concerts, especially those held indoors.