On The Run Again – Two Years Later


Succumbing To The Lure Of The Open Road

Two years ago, I fractured my hip.

Six weeks later, the fracture was diagnosed and pinned.

Between those two points, I went about my daily tasks, including 1-2 hours of exercise, and completed two weeks of physical therapy.

After diagnosis and surgery, I spent six months  avoiding any weight bearing on that hip by hopping along behind a walker.

And, while I adapted to my ill-named assistive walking device, …

Dismount From Pommel Walker

Dismount From Pommel Walker

… I was not unhappy to return to bipedality.

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There must be 50 ways to leave your walker

There must be 50 ways to leave your walker

The last time I ran was the day I discovered the injury two years ago. I should emphasize the “discovered” part. It is not at all certain that I injured myself running. When I began my run that day, my leg was painful from the first step and was obviously impaired before then.

Consequently, it has been more superstition than science that has prevented my return to running as part of my daily regimen. My exercise periods have instead been spent in the company of stationery bikes, stairmasters, and their ilk.

The break in the hot, muggy weather (see photo atop this post), however, proved the tipping point in this process and I have now been re-initiated into weird joyfulness of running – if only for a mile or two.


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