Dear Leonard Cohen – Thanks For The Tour. I Hope It Was Good For You, Too.


The Making Of The World Tour Commemorative Video

After attending the New York Leonard Cohen Beacon Theatre Concert in February 2009 but before I realized that this concert series had transmuted into the Tour That Never Ends,1 I began composing a  Leonard Cohen World Tour Commemorative Video of celebration and appreciation that I planned to finish and offer online once said World Tour was completed.

In the ensuing months, the video project has been altered, amended, and revised numerous times as more concert footage has become available.  Such additions and substitutions plus ongoing editing of the work in progress have resulted in a  ready to view product that is – if I do say so myself – something I’m getting sick and tired of working on.

Yet, as of today,  the Cohen Infinite Tour Loop includes confirmed concert dates through 21 September 2009 with possible venues being considered after that time. Further, rumors of a return North American Tour after the current European leg is finished are being bruited about.

Life, Death, And Videotape

With apologies for the ghoulish overtones, let’s face facts – no one lives forever, and with the advancing years, death becomes, unhappily, a realistic concern.  Obviously, I want to release this video before such a tragedy takes place.

Yes, I’m saying we all have to come to grips with the notion that, at this rate, before the Tour ends, I could be dead, and this video I’ve been working on for months might never be shown.


So, I herewith present, on the occasion of the end of the US-Canadian leg and the beginning of the 2009 European leg of the World Tour,

The Heck Of A Guy
Dear Leonard Cohen –
Thanks For The Tour.
I Hope It Was Good For You, Too.

Commemorative Video Celebration
Of The First 14 Months Of The 2008-2009 World Tour

The music is the 1980 version of Leonard Cohen’s “Do I Have To Dance All Night,” an arrangement that has never been released.

  1. I first heard this felicitous phrase from Marie of Speaking Cohen []

7 responses to “Dear Leonard Cohen – Thanks For The Tour. I Hope It Was Good For You, Too.

  1. A heck of commemorative video. :-)

  2. Um – make that “a heck of a commemorative video.”

  3. fun! and a fitting commemoration of the talented and iconic Mr. Cohen’s tour dance

    Happy July 4th!!

  4. p.s. it’s still July 4 here…

  5. sturgess66

    Very nice tribute to this wonderful tour – or to the U.S./Canadian leg of the tour! Now – I am hoping that this remarkable tour grows yet another leg next fall, and there are more shows in the USA. LOL

  6. Brilliant job Heck!

    BUT— some of us keep hoping the end of the tour is no where is sight!

    Fitting effort though, and I like it alot.


  7. Sandra~Jaz

    You have gone above and beyond for us.
    We will treasure it always.
    Continue to savor this tour.
    This is your ‘moment’ to shine.
    “The ‘poet-man’ is traveling again tonight.
    We’re all making sure to watch him before he’s gone & out of sight.”(smile) ~Peace~