Leonard Cohen Dedicates Concert To Yasmine


“With your permission, I would like to dedicate this concert to the memory of Yasmine …”

Leonard Cohen dedicated the July 4, 2009 Antwerp Concert to Yasmine,1 a well known Belgian singer-songwriter and television personality, who had translated and covered many Leonard Cohen songs and performed at the Leonard Cohen Hydra 2002 Event.

Yasmine took her own life on June 26, 2009, apparently in the wake of a recently ended marriage to Marianne Dupon, winner of the reality TV show De Mol (The Mole) between August 2003 and April 2009. On 9 March 2007 she had a daughter Ella-Louise. The couple divorced early in 2009. A few months later, Yasmine was found on 25 June 2009 near her sister’s home where she had hanged herself from a tree.2

The AfterEllen blog, quoting a reader, reported,

Yasmine started her singing career at age 19. She was a successful recording artist and released 9 albums. She was also a beloved television presenter who quickly became one of the key faces of the Flemish Public Broadcasting Company, where she presented De Rode Loper, a popular entertainment magazine, and a variety of other shows. In 2003 she married Marianne Dupon, the winner of De Mol, an immensely popular reality game show. It was the first high-profile lesbian wedding in Belgium. Two years ago, the couple had a daughter.

In April of this year, Dupon ended the relationship. It was clear that Yasmine wasn’t handling the break-up well and she lost a lot of weight. Just two weeks ago she stated in an interview that she was going through a difficult time, but that she was coping.

Today she took her own life. The public television stations have altered their programming to pay tribute to Yasmine’s life and career.

Yasmine – Dans me

The camera work is a bit shaky but this video of the closing of the Antwerp show more than compensates with an extraordinarily fine audio recording of “Whither Thou Goest” and, near the end, Cohen’s invocation of Yasmine’s memory.

Leonard Cohen – Closing (Antwerp – July 4, 2009)

The photo atop this post is from the only page of Yasmine’s web site now accessible.

  1. Real name: Hilde Rens []
  2. Wikipedia – original sources provided on that site. []

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  1. Nice tributes from Leonard and you to a talented and very beautiful lady. I recall her well from the Hydra Event, and was saddened by the news of her untimely death.