Emily At 12 Hours


Emily at 12 hours

Ongoing Heck Of A Guy readers may well be familiar with Lord of Leisure and Hippie With Tiara, both of whom have been occasionally featured in these posts. Lord of Leisure is also, unsurprisingly, responsible for Photos-Lord of Leisure.  Both are responsible for Ben, who was himself featured, along with his then spouse to be, Delaina, in  Delaina & Ben – Going To The Chapel.

Today’s entry is somewhat of a follow-up to that post.

In the familiar sequence of “first comes love, then comes marriage, … ,” Ben & Delaina have officially entered the “baby carriage” phase.

Also of note, Lord of Leisure and Hippie With Tiara now meet the criterion for grandparenthood.

Emily, of course, is a heck of a gal.

One response to “Emily At 12 Hours

  1. duke of dermons

    Congratulations to all the Ellis clan. A beautiful girl who has the good fortunate to have chosen some very wonderful relatives and parents.
    Looking forward to our first visit and having the first grandchild appear at our Hilton Head events