Leonard Cohen Sings "So Long Marianne" To Marianne

Marianne Attends Leonard Cohen’s Langesund Concert

This is not a video with great production values. As the cameraperson notes, “Sorry for the all the drunk people singing.”

But how could anyone who knows anything about Leonard Cohen pass up the chance to watch him sing “So Long Marianne” to a concert audience that includes Marianne herself?1

Leonard Cohen – So Long Marianne (Langesund – July 16, 2009

  1. Basic information about Leonard Cohen and his relationship with Marianne can be found at Leonard Cohen – The Literary Years. []

2 responses to “Leonard Cohen Sings "So Long Marianne" To Marianne

  1. Doctor Satori

    I find it odd someone who pretends to like Cohen so much, infringes on his and his agents’ rights and copyrights by posting videos which obviously disregard legal and quasi legal agreements. My tickets specify specifically no audio or video recordings are allowed during concerts.

    • Well, I think you’re being a bit too harsh here. Linking to one song filmed on a hand held camera isn’t such a big deal now is it? Incidentally, my ticket didn’t have the warning against taping, dunno why though.

      PS Mr Cohens agents (or was it former agents) ought to know a thing or two about rights and infringements ;)