Up Close With Leonard Cohen And His Bolo Tie


And if you want a doctor
I’ll examine every inch of you

– From “I’m Your Man” by Leonard Cohen

Leonard Is Huge (And Resolute) In Portugal

If you’ve had the inclination to examine every inch of Leonard Cohen but are willing to be content with a close visual view of his face and hands, this may be your chance.

mnkyface at LeonardCohenForum has pointed the way to a huge (2592 x 3888  pixels), high resolution  closeup of Leonard Cohen at Leonard Cohen Is Huge (And Resolute) In Portugal.1

As a sort of demo of the full photo (which shows Cohen from the waist up, dressed in concert apparel, singing into the microphone), I’ve excerpted the familiar view of Cohen’s hands cradling the microphone.

To constrain just this subsection of the complete photo within the boundaries of this blog’s format, I had to reduce the size. Clicking on the image brings it to its original proportions.

How big is the full photo? To make it fit the narrow confines of this column, it would have to be reduced to just less than 20% of its original dimensions.

How good is the resolution?  Well, if you ever wanted to see Leonard Cohen sweat, …

Leonard Cohen’s Bolo Tie

I was not, by the proverbial bye, looking for tremendously large photos of Leonard Cohen when I happened across this link to what can only be a photo shot to be used to create a 3-D model of Leonard Cohen’s face preparatory to it being carved into Mount Rushmore

Looking for tremendously large photos of Leonard Cohen would be silly.

Instead, I ran across this link while following the ongoing research on the significance of the symbols on Cohen’s bolo tie slide.

It turns out that this photo is big enough to clearly show even the slide on the tie Cohen is wearing.


For those now enthralled with this issue , the investigation of the bolo tie slide is part of a larger discussion of Cohen’s apparel which can be found at Clothing Time.

Update: This photo was taken in Lisbon by  James Petinga in 2008

  1. A name I derived from the photo’s qualities and from the URL which indicates the site is at least registered as a Portuguese domain. I have been unable to track down a photographer to credit for this shot. I’ve emailed the source, Sapo.pt, a search engine site in Portugal, but I am not confident about my Google-translated English-to-Portuguese request being decipherable. []

2 responses to “Up Close With Leonard Cohen And His Bolo Tie

  1. Thanks for bringing it to our attention Good Doctor Heck!

    Closeups can be fun!

    Clothing Time is brilliant!


  2. i’ve just printed lenny’s hands onto A3. i’m going out now to buy a frame!