100 Seconds Of Leonard Cohen Video Goodness

It's Cohen in motion before the opening snap

It's Cohen in motion before the opening snap

Most Efficacious Leonard Cohen Video Award

In the space of 100 seconds, this July 1, 2008 news clip from NRK,1 broadcast in conjunction with his Oslo concert completed earlier that day, includes an outstanding example of a Leonard Cohen sprint onto the stage, drummer Rafael Gayol looking especially dapper in a dark jacket and  red tie with white polka dots,2  a sampling of “Dance Me to the End of Love,” and an exchange with Marianne Ihlen.

Note: English subtitles are available. If subtitles are not present when the video begins, click the arrow at the video’s bottom right corner and then CC.  The video can also be viewed directly on YouTube at Leonard Cohen NRK News Clip.

Leonard Cohen NRK News Clip (Oslo, July 1, 2008)

  1. This is another kaarekjohnsen YouTube upload. []
  2. The rumor that the tie was constructed from a danced-upon blouse featuring those very polka dots cannot be confirmed. []

One response to “100 Seconds Of Leonard Cohen Video Goodness

  1. My blouse was white with green polka dots. So Raf’ (that’s what I call him… we’re like *this*) couldn’t have made that (yes, dapper is the only word) tie from it. Which can only mean one thing – Leonard still has my blouse and cherishes it. It’s his lucky charm that he takes from venue to venue, hotel to hotel. Or he gave it to Goodwill. Whatever. lol