First Reports Of August 16, 2009 Leonard Cohen Colmar Concert – Fan Participation, Video, Review


Props For I’m Your Man

From Heck Of A Guy Agent, Christine Geyer

... it’s now 3.12 in the morning and I just came back from the [Leonard Cohen Colmar] concert. I’m dead tired but happy – it was sooooo amazing!

A more detailed report will follow after a few hours sleep. But I just HAVE to tell you about “I’m your man” before I go to sleep, because it was so funny!

I had stuck to my idea and bought a stethoscope to take to the concert. It came from a toy store but looked pretty real and it even had real function. Luckily the security guy didn’t take it from me.
Now when Leonard sang “I’m your man” and he came to the line “If you want a boxer…” suddenly someone threw a pair of boxing gloves onto the stage. I couldn’t believe my eyes!! Leonard smiled broadly, took them up immediately and hung them over his shoulder.

Everybody was laughing then already but just a moment later he sang my line “If you want a doctor” and I threw the stethoscope right before his feet (actually it even hit him a bit) and he smiled and laughed even more, took it up and hung it around his neck. It was sooo incredibly funny!!!

You cannot imagine how cute, proud and cool he looked with the boxer gloves and the stethoscope *lol* You could see he had a lot of fun with that. All the musicians and audience were laughing and he still giggled a few minutes later :-) The guy standing next to me took lots of photos and he promised me to send them to me, especially the the one(s) of this hilarious scene.Will forward it/them of course, as soon as I receive it/them. But I guess more photos of that awesome moment will turn up sooner or later. It was so funny :-)

Update:  Photo of Leonard Cohen with stethoscope and boxing gloves posted at Leonard Cohen Ready To Step Into The Ring And Examine Every Inch Of You

Colmar Videos – Dance Me To The End Of Love

Extrait concert Leonard Cohen festival foire aux vins colmar
Uploaded by dna_web.

For longer extracts and view of audience, see Video – Leonard Cohen At Colmar


Review From Foire aux vins de Colmar – Leonard Cohen, chapeau l’artiste ! Leonard Cohen, chapeau l’artiste!

By Thierry Martel  [Google Translation]

A scene of miles Babyshambles concert Saturday evening, Leonard Cohen gave the evening a benefit to the millimeter, to the delight of the 7,000 fans present.

We enter into Leonard Cohen as we enter into religion. But no need to explain it to 7000 spectators this evening at the theater outdoor Colmar. All were connoisseurs of the Canadian singer. With a team of technical theater outdoors at its top, the concert began on time. And battery time.

19 h 30: Leonard Cohen sings the first few sentences of “Dance Me to the End of Love”, causing the enthusiasm of the public. But cries quickly silenced. For it is in a cathedral silence of the works of Canadian singer listen.

The moving “Bird on the wire”, causing “Everybody knows”, the incomparable “Who by fire”: Leonard Cohen has a repertoire entirely controlled by the 7,000 spectators at the outdoor theater. After “Anthem”, the singer has all his musicians (three singers, two guitarists, two keyboards, a bassist and a drummer) and announced to the public an interval of 15 to 20 minutes.

Time for a cigarette or two, take the public back in the shell. It is with “Tower of song” Canadian icon that comes on stage. On “Suzanne”, it shows that it is an excellent singer, but also a very good guitarist.

High Priest of the evening, surrounded by white curtains, Canadian shows that each piece is a great man of music. A very great man. “The Partisan,” which brings brother and sister, and “Boogie Street”, which is covered by any single vocalist Sharon Robinson, makes the public.

But this is nothing compared to the beginning of the song “Hallelujah” or “I’m your man.” On the latter, the public is launching a pair of red boxing gloves, a stuffed monkey and a stethoscope. The singer has caught the flight.

Although several qu’ovationné standing ovation, Leonard Cohen is one of the most beautiful cheers on “So Long, Marianne”. As in the Neil Young concert in 2008, we admire to attend the concert of a living legend of music.

Neil Young played 2h30. Mr Leonard Cohen with the same thing. Three hours after the beginning of his concert, he is always on stage. It is silent, and bows.

10 responses to “First Reports Of August 16, 2009 Leonard Cohen Colmar Concert – Fan Participation, Video, Review

  1. Wow, that was fast guys ;) I can only second everything Christine said. The scene with the gloves and stethoscope was the best and sweetest moment of the concert. Leonard, as the extracts clearly show was as inspired as usual, even though he seemed a little tired at times and maybe due to that had cut out all (ALL) the speeches. I hope we can consider ourselves blessed without an official blessing though ;)
    Of course, it was great – as usual. Thank you, Leonard and enjoy your day of rest before you continue to make so many people happy.
    It was a great audience there by the way. Lots of clapping and singing in the appropriate places.

  2. He is looking worn out; his ex-manager should do time for what she has put him through.

  3. If someone doesn’t put up video footage from the I’m Your Man gift-giving at Colmar soon I’m going to smash my computer. With boxing gloves.

  4. *lol* Yes, I SO hope somone has filmed that!! That moment was just priceless. I’m still smiling and giggling about it (much to the irritation of my boss and colleagues).

  5. I’m , uploading a video, but unfortunately it is not the beginning of “I’m your man” and only 1 minute. but if you want to look at it try about 11:30 pm ;) this is the titel “Leonard Cohen live in Colmar August 16, 2009 (part of “I’m your man”)”
    I really loved the concert yesterday!

  6. I was there in Colmar ! What a fantastic singer, what a beautiful man, what a stunning concert ! He is now an old and wise man, and I heard first Leonard Cohen’s songs in the 70’s when I learned to play the guitar. (I am 49). I never saw him live and it was the first time, and I will keep these moments of poetry and love alive in my memory for the rest of my life. Thank you Leonard Cohen…