Cohen Colmar Concert Flicks & Report

Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows (Colmar 2009)

pearlvoice, AKA Christine Geyer,1  underwent her initiation into Cohen Concert Videography at the Colmar show 16 August 2009.  Of course, everybody knows that not everything goes smoothly in such situations,  even for Cohen fanatics. Christine notes,

As Murphy’s Law wants it, my camera broke down just this night and just during the concert. So the quality is a bit poor. Sorry for that.

Leonard Cohen: Il y a longtemps… (Colmar, August 16 2009)

From MaartenLC

The Puddingdale Report

Also recommended is the Live Journal report of the concert by Puddingdale

  1. See First Reports Of August 16, 2009 Leonard Cohen Colmar Concert – Fan Participation, Video, Review []

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