Leonard Cohen On Monastery Life, Writing Songs & Poems, Edith Piaf & Jennifer Warnes

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The final four minutes of Leonard Cohen’s 1988 interview on French TV with journalist Patrick Poivre d’Arvo, the first portion of which was posted at  Leonard Cohen On Dominique Isserman, Israel, Terrorism, became available late last night on YouTube.  As before, the video was translated and uploaded by lightning494.

Leonard Cohen The Incorrigible Poet, Part 2

2 responses to “Leonard Cohen On Monastery Life, Writing Songs & Poems, Edith Piaf & Jennifer Warnes

  1. And once again: extremely interesting. I was surprised by LC’S quite narrow definition of being religious. To me the fact that he has the need to address the absolute (whatever that is) from time to time is religious in its own right. ;)

  2. September 77, los angeles, California. Me and Cristiana were 23, married from an year and a half. I was a Cohen pupil from early days and in my dj times, radio and ballroom, I played him often. Just before leaving Italy for that magnificent first trip in the USA, I’ve launched in my Radio program a brand new incredibly soft-and-high voice, the Jennifer Warren’s one. ( the final ‘s’ was not in her debut single and album yet… )
    So when we knew she’ll give a concert in LA Universal Amphitheatre… Well, trying to make a very long story a long one ( my blog is still having troubles, so I consider myself a Heck of a Guy volunteer , hoping Allan will not blame me… ) : after Jennifer outstanding, fragile and full of passion concert I said to my wife Cristiana: ” that girl can sing a leonard cohen song, she surely can dare… ” So can you imagine what I felt when The Famous Blue Raincoat was on Air, few (!?) years later? And now, after saw The French interview…
    Again thank to this site caring researches, the simple and deep words of Mr Cohen about religion and life, the WAY he pronounce that words are closest to perfection for telling my feelings and behaviour