Wiesen Joins Leonard Cohen World Tour Songfest


Leonard Cohen -The Partisan (Wiesen, screenshot)

The Wiesen Audience Audition

Leonard Cohen’s Wiesen Concert last night (August 26, 2009) is worthy of note on at least two counts –  (1) the crowd, if the videos are any indication, was especially enthusiastic and responsive, resembling those in Dublin, for example, more than the somewhat reserved audience in Vienne and (2) Leonard, at least to my eye, seems to have bulked up a tad.

Leonard Cohen - So Long Marianne (Weisen, screenshot)

Leonard Cohen - So Long Marianne (Wiesen, screenshot)

In this video, Wiesen chimes in on “So Long Marianne.”

Leonard Cohen – So Long, Marianne (Wiesen, August 26, 2009)

For comparison, I’ve included this photo of Cohen from the Vienne show (August 18, 2009) …

Leonard Cohen - Vienne (August 18, 2009)

Leonard Cohen - Vienne (August 18, 2009)

… and a brief video from the Colmar Concert which took place August 16, 2009, ten days before Wiesen. While the angles, clothing, and settings in these visualizations differ and  are thus not directly comparable, Cohen does seem thinner in the earlier performances.

Leonard Cohen: Lover Lover Lover (Colmar, August 16 2009)

And, as a bonus, here’s a respectable and well received  rendition of “The Partisan” from the Wiesen Concert.

Leonard Cohen – The Partisan (Wiesen, August 26, 2009)


Credit Due Department: The Wiesen videos are from gostenca.  The Colmar video was taken and uploaded by MaartenLC.  The Vienne photo is by maretschkou.

2 responses to “Wiesen Joins Leonard Cohen World Tour Songfest

  1. Not sure if Leonard put on weight (in Colmar he was in constant danger of losing his pants due to lack of body fat :-O) but he certainly looks healthier here and less exhausted. Good for him and I hope he has more fun than headache working his way through this long tour.

  2. He’s found some good strategy for surviving and thriving during a long tour.