Another Dance Number Being Prepared For The Leonard Cohen US Concerts?

Despite heightened security precautions instituted by the Leonard Cohen management team since earlier this week when Heck Of A Guy published Leonard Cohen World Tour ON ICE – New Marketing Strategy For Florida Shows and Leonard Cohen Rehearsal Video – New Finale For Last New York Concert, breaking the story of dramatic changes planned in the programs of  the concerts in the final US leg of the World Tour this Fall, our crack investigative team, operating sub rosa, has again filmed a rehearsal of what appears to be another bit of never before seen stage business destined to debut at one or more US performances.

Waltzing To Leonard Cohen - Dublin 2008

While the exact venue for which this dance sequence, perhaps inspired by audience members waltzing in the aisles at the 2008 Dublin Concert, is unknown, the Nashville show seems a likely host.

Filmed surreptitiously, the video is incomplete but its impact is undiminished.

Leonard Cohen – On The Line – Dancing To The Future (Rehearsal)