First Reports – Leonard Cohen Budapest Concert


Leonard Cohen – Our Man In Budapest

Heck Of A Guy correspondent, MKati, has forwarded links to local reviews of the Leonard Cohen Budapest Concert which took place last night (31 August 2009).

Despite the prodigious language barrier, the thought and feeling of these reviews, which more resemble philosophical essays than the quick, oversimplified reviews predominant today, are easy enough to decipher, as is the case for these brief excerpts:

A three-hour concert in the Papp László Sport Arena, the Canadian singer, full house, full of the best pieces of the life-work, standing at the end of the audience clapping. Leonard Cohen 75 years old, live in thriving, full of energy.

When the end felzúg the applause, his hat off, there is white hair. He smiles, perhaps the first time during the concert. Visibly happy.  He says he was a wonderful evening, thank you.

I’m Your Man, I’m Your Man, Yes, You Are. By the way, I must note at this point: an elder lady behind me I’m Your Man I’m Your Man series, after all it sikkantotta, Yes, You Are.

Well, Uncle Lenny, away message: the honor is ours.


Links To Leonard Cohen Budapest Concert Reviews

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:  Many thanks to MKati for sending these links.

2 responses to “First Reports – Leonard Cohen Budapest Concert

  1. magda from dublin ireland

    near end of concert I threw up a red rose to Leonard Cohen but to my horror it hung on the very edge of the stage, about to fall when very quickly Leonard almost ran and picked it up and said (with a question mark!) for me? I shouted yes yes for you! Only got the nerve to do this as about twenty people maybe more rushed towards the stage and stood there (me too!) for the last maybe six songs. It was so exciteing to be so close to Leonard and Web sisters sharon etc; .

  2. magda from dublin ireland

    meant to say did anyone see Leonard holding my rose as I was in a trance when he bent down to pick up the rose and gave me that beautiful smile of his! Have more to add but must get some sleep now on my return from Budapest, in touch to-morrow.