Leonard Cohen Celebrates 75th Birthday In Barcelona


Leonard Cohen on 74th birthday - Bucharest Concert

Barcelona Birthday Bash

Today is, as everybody knows, Leonard Cohen’s 75th birthday, and he and the World Tour crew are preparing for tonight’s concert in Barcelona that will feature, along with the musical performance, an audience of anxious fans still distraught from the singer-songwriter’s collapse on stage in Valencia three days ago.1

With Cohen World immersed in angst, certain vital functions may not receive sufficient attention.   Heck Of A Guy is, therefore, issuing this plea to those attending the Barcelona concert:

At some point in the concert, you are going to break out in a chorus of “Happy Birthday.” You know it, I know it, Roscoe Beck knows it, Jarkko knows it, Duke of Derm knows it, … . Would it kill you to get to the concert a little early and practice?  At the very least, would someone be ready to capture it on video?

Why is this important? The segments below are the best YouTube “Happy Birthday” performances I can find from last year’s Vienna and Bucharest concerts.

Leonard Cohen – Happy Birthday (Vienna, 2008)

Leonard Cohen – Happy Birthday (Bucharest, 2008)

Now, one can feel the enthusiasm and the love – but the production values fall short. Compare those to the Dublin audience singing “So Long Marianne” in this albertnoonan video:

Leonard Cohen – So Long Marianne (Dublin O2 – 7/20/2009)

The smart money, incidentally, is betting that Cohen’s response to the crowd’s acknowledgment of his birthday will be a repeat of the line used last year to express his appreciation to the Bucharest crowd wishing him a happy 74th:

I’ll see y’all down the road.

Leonard Cohen – Birthday In Bucharest (2008)

Regardless, Heck Of A Guy will post reports of the Barcelona concert when they become available.

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