Leonard Cohen's Birthday Stats At Heck Of A Guy

Unique Visitors To HeckOfAGuy.com


The impact of Leonard Cohen’s birthday on Heck Of A Guy is self-apparent in the above graph showing “Unique Visitors”1 and the graph of Page Views2 shown below. These stats are from Google Analytics.

Page Views Of HeckOfAGuy.com


The graph below shows the viewings of the Leonard Cohen At 75 Birthday Video on YouTube.

Daily Viewings Of Leonard Cohen At 75 Birthday Video


Just To Keep All Of Us Humble

On Sept 21, 2009, the most popular single page on the Heck Of A Guy site was Happy Birthday, Leonard Cohen, which seems logical enough – except that particular post commemorated the singer-songwriter’s birthday last year, Sept 21, 2008.

  1. “Unique Visitors” are individual viewers (or, more accurately, individual IP addresses of computers, regardless of how many people use that computer) that landed on this site during a 30 day time period. Each unique visitor is counted only once, regardless of how many visits are made or how many pages are viewed []
  2. “Page Views” are separate requests to load a single page from this site. Page Views are not synonymous with “hits,” a term which refers to a request for a file from a web server. Since web pages such as this one are composed from many files, there are typically many hits per page view. []

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