Leonard Cohen, Thanks Again For The Tour, I Hope It Was Good For You, Too – The Encore Video


Leonard Cohen To World Tour Fans: “I Still Love You, Too”

For those desirous of commemorating the completion of the  Summer 2009 European leg of the Leonard Cohen World Tour, those anticipating the series of concerts in the USA that will conclude the World Tour, and those desperate for a Cohen fix during this Tour hiatus, Heck Of A Guy offers a video celebration comprising photos and video clips associated with the performances, especially those from the past three months.

Dear Leonard Cohen, Thanks – again – for The Tour; I hope it was good for you, too

Previous Leonard Cohen Videos At Heck Of A Guy

Today’s video is the encore to the original Heck Of A Guy video homage to the World Tour, aka

The Heck Of A Guy
Dear Leonard Cohen –
Thanks For The Tour.
I Hope It Was Good  For You, Too.

Commemorative Video Celebration
Of The First 14 Months Of The 2008-2009 World Tour

which itself can be viewed at Thanks For The Tour

Heck Of A Guy has also published, in celebration of Leonard Cohen’s 75th birthday (September 21, 2009), a video pastiche of favorite scenes featuring the singer-songwriter, poet, and icon at Leonard Cohen at 75 Birthday Video

Videos Of The World Tour That Might Have Been

Heck Of A Guy offers exclusive videos of the Alternative Leonard Cohen World Tour, our version of how the final US concerts could be given a special, venue-specific twist:

7 responses to “Leonard Cohen, Thanks Again For The Tour, I Hope It Was Good For You, Too – The Encore Video

  1. AWESOME! Another magnificient masterpiece.
    Thank you.

  2. WONDERFUL! I love that you used the “Where are we?” version of Closing Time. Best version ever. So many of my favorite things are in here. The “busted in the blinding lights” part is brilliant. And thanks for including my blouse!!! wahoooo!

  3. Terrific video Dr. Heck. :)

    Thanks a lot!!!!

  4. burningviolin

    Excellent video! Its all in there including the banner me and Somewhat_Nifty made!! great stuff!

  5. WOW! At 1:45 to 1:50 in the video above, Chicago and Leonard Cohen concert banners/ads! Which city and country was that in? Leonard Cohen performed at the same place the day after Chicago performed.

  6. Thank you so much for this video! Such a nice review with my precious concert memories …