New & Improved Leonard Cohen Merchandise – Venue-appropriate Headgear

The Venue-Fedora Mismatch

The current series of Leonard Cohen World Tour concerts in the USA features certain venues where those attending the performances may feel uncomfortable donning the fedora that has come to be associated with Leonard Cohen and his World Tour.

My most recent visit to the Rosemont Convention Center, for example,  the location for the Chicago show next week, was to watch a minor league hockey game. My penultimate Rosemont visitation was as a guest of a colleague who insisted, erroneously as it turned out,  I would “really get off” on the monster truck show held there.1


In such settings, it may be that the  distinctive Leonard Cohen chapeau can be stylishly and admiringly worn by no one other than Leonard Cohen.


The Fedora-alternative Solution

For those sites, the Heck Of A Guy New & Improved Leonard Cohen Merchandise Emporium2 offers the perfect solution to those who wish to both respect local sartorial mores yet simultaneously declare their allegiance to the Canadian singer, songwriter, and, of course, icon:  The Leonard Cohen Fedora-alternative Truckers Cap.


  1. Not all venues on this leg of the Tour should be similarly characterized.  The concert in  Kansas City, a favorite stomping ground of my youth, home of Lord of Leisure and Hippie With Tiara, and, of course, the primary  procurement site for crazy little women, will be held at the Midland, a recently reopened indoor theater, which strikes me as a potentially fedora-friendly sort of place. []
  2. For information about and background of the Heck Of A Guy Leonard Cohen USA Tour merchandising effort and other available Leonard Cohen souvenirs, see New & Improved Leonard Cohen Merchandise – The Heart With A Companion T-shirt and The Leonard Cohen Bobble Head []

2 responses to “New & Improved Leonard Cohen Merchandise – Venue-appropriate Headgear

  1. Could you perhaps put the “fine print” in “normal print”. Some of your most interesting tidbits are in your teeny tiny footnotes.

    btw. I luv the truckers cap.

  2. Target is presently carrying a smashing “Pork Pie Plaid Fedora” by Xhilaration® that could work well in some venues I think? Probably would have been good at the Spectrum in Philly (before it is imploded next month – sorry but I couldn’t refrain from repeating that information).

    But – Leonard’s Philly show is blessedly now at the wonderful Tower Theater – and I think the standard black Fedora will work well there. :)