Video – Unveiling Of Chelsea Hotel Plaque Honoring Leonard Cohen

This recently uploaded video has four major features:

  1. The official unveiling (depapering?) of the plaque commemorating the 75th birthday of former Chelsea Hotel resident, Leonard Cohen
  2. Leonard Cohen’s sister, Esther (in gold coat)
  3. Dick Straub, the dashing dude with the beard, who led the project to place the plaque at the Chelsea Hotel
  4. Folks taking pictures of folks taking pictures of the plaque, Esther, and Dick

Video from lightning494

2 responses to “Video – Unveiling Of Chelsea Hotel Plaque Honoring Leonard Cohen

  1. The plaque is long overdue. Now put a statue beside it! I’ll start a collection for it if Chelsea Hotel can’t afford it!

    • Heck, it took a collection by fans (an effort headed by Dick Straub) to get the plaque in place. As far as I know, the Chelsea Hotel contribution was limited to cooperation with the project. I do like the statue notion although I would suggest locating it in the hotel elevator where Leonard Cohen, according to his own apocryphal account, met Janis Joplin by claiming to be Kris Kristofferson, the individual for whom Janis was searching.