The Other Blues Song Gains New Verse In Asheville

“Feels So Good, Baby, Not To Love You Like I Did” Proves Popular With Fans

From my review of fan sites and music blogs, it is clear that the new Leonard Cohen song first auditioned in Chicago on October 29, 2009 has been greeted with enthusiastic approbation online.

It has also changed, undergoing a revision for its second performance in Asheville on November 1, 2009.

The lyrics of the new verse follow, thanks the efforts of LisaLCFan at LeonardCohenForum

I miss you, baby
Just nothin’ like it was
It’s just a little stroll now
On the other side of love
I see you waving in the distance, aahhh,
Aahh, but you’re close enough
I see you waving in the distance
But the distance is close enough.

The video of the original version sung at Chicago is available at
Must-see Video Of New Leonard Cohen Song From Chicago Concert Now Online

Leonard Cohen – The Other Blues Song’ (Asheville, Nov 1, 2009)

Video from dsotm07

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