Leonard Cohen, Kansas City Hit It Off On 1st Date


The Other Blues Song, The Flood, The Kristofferson Impersonation, Sublime Gymnastics, And Much Much More

bridger15 stayed up past – well, certainly past my bedtime, scribbling a succinct LeonardCohenForum post to let us know how Leonard Cohen and Kansas City got along at the antepenultimate World Tour US concert:1 An excerpt follows:

Very heavy bass sound tonight
The building rocked
The band rocked
Leonard Cohen rocked
The KC audience rocked

Many standing ovations
Wildly enthusiastic and very appreciative audience.
It made Leonard smile a lot. The band too.

And, as evidence of that assessment,  bridger15, disguised as mild-mannered YouTube uploader, bridgebud, offers, just hours after the concert’s final standing O, videos of three songs.

I love it when someone else does all the work for me.

Leonard Cohen – Chelsea Hotel #2 (Kansas City 11/9/2009)

Atypically for performances during the World Tour, Cohen provides the back story of Chelsea Hotel #2, including his apocryphal account of identifying himself as Kris Kristofferson to Janis Joplin in the Hotel elevator.
Video by bridgebud

Leonard Cohen – The Other Blues Song (Kansas City 11/9/2009)

Video by bridgebud

Leonard Cohen – Anthem (Kansas City 11/9/2009)

The song is preceded by a recitation of “The Flood.”
Video by bridgebud

  1. To be safe, let’s say it’s antepenultimate World Tour US concert scheduled so far []

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