New And Improved Leonard Cohen Merchandise – The "I (Unified) Heart Leonard Cohen" T-shirt

I Unified-Heart Leonard Cohen T-shirt, Script Only


I Unified-Heart Leonard Cohen T-shirt, With Image


The Leonard Cohen T-shirt That Had To Be

The Heck Of A Guy New & Improved Leonard Cohen World Tour Merchandise Emporium1 now offers the T-shirt with the inscription so obvious that DrHGuy still suspects it has already been produced.

  1. For information about and background of the Heck Of A Guy Leonard Cohen USA Tour merchandising effort and other available Leonard Cohen souvenirs, see The Heart With A Companion T-shirt, Venue-appropriate Headgear, The Leonard Cohen Bobble Head, The WWLCD? T-shirt, and More Dino Duds & Len’s Beach Towel []

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