Leonard Cohen World Tour Campaign Bar Added To Albert Noonan's Order Of Leonard Award

Those who followed Heck Of A Guy coverage of the Leonard Cohen Las Vegas and San Jose concerts this past weekend1 may recognize Albert Noonan, aka albertnoonan, as the source of the most reliably excellent videos of Leonard Cohen World Tour performances.2

And, in fact, his last exploit, capturing Video Of New Leonard Cohen Song From The Chicago Concert and uploading it within hours of the end of the concert, proved so effective in spreading the word about Cohen’s new blues song and contributed such an important service to the Cohen fan community that Heck Of A Guy was moved to bestow upon Albert Noonan the first Order Of Leonard with the following citation:

In appreciation of Albert Nooan’s outstanding record of reliably documenting in high quality video the performances from the Leonard Cohen World Tour concerts he has attended at his own cost and sharing those videos with the world without compensation other than the gratitude of those of us who find Leonard Cohen’s music insightful, significant, and resonant with our lives, and in recognition of the enjoyment his video of Leonard Cohen’s latest song has triggered throughout the world, Heck Of A Guy confers upon him the first
Order of Leonard Award

At the time, I didn’t know Albert was going to fly from his home in Dublin to attend the final US concerts in Las Vegas and San Jose.  Then, I received his message:

What a night! I finally succumbed to the temptation (with “little” persuasion from “The Management” at home) and made it to both Las Vegas and San Jose.

His already uploaded videos from these concerts  (with more to come) have been exquisite – as usual.

Traveling to these two shows on the west coast of the US clearly meets criteria for the above and beyond category of service. Had not Heck Of A Guy already bestowed an award to the Vizier of Videography, he would certainly deserve one now.



In commendation of Albert Nooan’s ongoing excellence in videotaping performances from the Leonard Cohen World Tour and in recognition of his coverage of the final two US concerts, Heck Of A Guy hereby authorizes the attachment, by means of two golden dollar signs, of the Leonard Cohen World Tour Campaign Bar, with all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities thereunto appertaining, to his well deserved Order of Leonard Award

  1. And the Beacon concert, the Dublin concerts, the Rosemont concert, … []
  2. See Albert Noonan – The Man Behind The Camera Of Those Great Leonard Cohen Concert Videos []

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