New And Improved Leonard Cohen Merchandise – The DIY Unified Heart Jacket Patch

Esther Takes Matters In Her Own Hands, Patches Things Up


Esther, a dedicated Leonard Cohen fan, disclosed that she had evidenced that dedication by risking, if not life and limb, then fingertips and reputation to personally design and construct her own custom New And Improved Leonard Cohen Merchandise. Intrigued, I asked for details and received this response:

Here’s the (literally) darned jacket.  Got the patch from a black canvas LC tote bag that was available in the Spring US tour leg.  My husband and I shelled out for VIP seats at the April concert in Oakland…so with that bargain (ha!) we received 2 tote bags, 2 posters, 2 Live in London DVDs, etc, and as much as I loved having twin tote bags, I was really only using one of them.  Now a jacket with a patch – that I knew I would wear a lot, so I made the (painful) decision to CUT the patch off one of the tote bags. The horror.  The things fans must do to get some LC merchandise.  Now, mind you, I don’t sew.  Really.  I am a person who would glue buttons on, if I could get away with it.  I discouraged my daughter from Girl Scouts, mainly because of the patch-sewing.  I considered using really good fabric glue (my heretofore best friend in these matters), but ultimately decided it had to be done right.  Totally uncharacteristic of me.  But hey, it’s Leonard Cohen! He brings out the best.  So I proceeded to sew this huge, unwieldy circular thing on, using the simple stitch I remembered from (probably) making a pillow in elementary school.  It wasn’t that bad actually.  It took HOURS, because I was freakishly obsessed with not making the stitches too visible.  I worked on it at every opportunity.  I sewed late at night.  I sewed in my parked car at my daughter’s sporting event, hoping other parents would think I was sewing a scouting or sports related patch for my child.  I don’t think any of the other parents walking by suspected it was actually a patch to further my fangirling over a 75 year old poet-singer who I would follow around the world, if not for the fact that I don’t want to miss any more of my daughter’s tennis matches.  This is my brilliant 8-year-old who, through mishearing, brought us these alternate lyrics to Dance Me to the End of Love: “Lift me like an olive branch and be my homework done.”  But I digress.

Anyway, here’s a picture of my handiwork.  Oh – forgot  to mention, I poked my fingers more than a few times.  Really could have used a Unified Heart thimble.

This is a Heck Of A Guy Confessional post. For the description and background of this format, see Meet The Confessionals.

3 responses to “New And Improved Leonard Cohen Merchandise – The DIY Unified Heart Jacket Patch

  1. Haha Esther! Beautiful work. And your dedication and diligence in this project are admirable. The patch looks like it is perfectly situated – to sit elegantly, just above the small of the back. This is a fine addition to the New and Improved Leonard Cohen Merchandise Line – and fully worthy of a “Best of H Guy Professional” award. Congratulations!

    Oh – Dr. Heck. Is this gorgeous jacket available for purchase? If so, is it a “Handmade by Esther” item, as pictured above? Or is it a Unified Heart DIY kit that comes with all items – um – patch (or tote bag & scissors), needle, thimble, thread, band aids, jacket, etc.
    :) :)

    • The jacket and patch set are available only through Esther’s boutique. I’m not privy to the pricing, but a reading of the manufacturing process would suggest that vast sums of cash – or a request from Leonard Cohen – would be required to place an order.

  2. Oh -and upon taking a second look, I notice I have just created a new award category in the Heck “Confessional” series. Haha. And this was done *while* wearing my reading glasses. But – what the heck! “Professional,” “confessional,” “best,” “heck,” “buy,” “guy?” These are good words. They are ALL good words!! And that IS one heck of a jacket. :) :)