Leonard Cohen Danced With, Fondled By Perla Batalla & Julie Christensen To "I’m Your Man"

The Leonard Cohen-Swedish TV-Heck Of A Guy Treat

Today, Heck Of A Guy offers, as a Thanksgiving treat,1 a confection from Swedish TV – a video uploaded a few days ago that features Leonard Cohen, aided and abetted – as well as fondled – by Perla Batalla and Julie Christensen, performing  “I’m Your Man” on 29/30 June 1988 on Jacob’s Backstage (Med Noje Pa Dalaro) Stockholm, Sweden.

While all the obligatory flirtatious adoration of his back-up singers/willing accomplices associated with the salaciously provocative “I’m Your Man” is, other than the song itself, the high point of the video, at least two other tiny gems adorn this production.

1. I’d Say Please, Too

Just after 2:30 Leonard Cohen does his Roscoe Beck imitation, echoing his own “Pleeeeease.”

For comparison, the video below starts just before Cohen sings “I’d say ‘please,'” which is followed by Roscoe Beck joining in with “Pleeeeease.”

Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man (San Jose, 11/13/2009)

Video from arlenedick15

2. Someone Makes A Splash

At 1:54 a diver springs into the lake over Julie Christensen’s right shoulder.  As a guide, the screen capture is shown below with the diver’s body circled in red and Photoshopped into high contrast.

Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man (Swedish TV,  1988)
Video from caro8680
  1. This designation valid only in the United States; elsewhere, Heck Of A Guy restricts this offering to “a treat.” We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. []

6 responses to “Leonard Cohen Danced With, Fondled By Perla Batalla & Julie Christensen To "I’m Your Man"

  1. As so often… :( this video cannot be viewed in my country due to some copyrights (copyrights?? for this??). I guess I have no choice but to make friends among hackers soon ;) Well, interesting to learn that this exists though – sounds like fun.

  2. Well! That certainly is quite the Thanksgiving treat. As for uniquely US designations, let me see now. There are two US Canadian equivalents to consider. This would be called a “threesome” in the US, but a “ménage à trois” in Canada.

    And in Canada, we refer to today as “Thursday”. Happy Holiday!

  3. Puddingdale – CarolineM at the forum kindly thought of *you who are blocked* and uploaded the video to megaupload so you could view it –

    Also – I discovered that this video is on the UK AOL – and maybe that will help *you who are blocked*?

    I love this video. I had not even noticed the naked diver until I re-posted this on my FaceBook and BurningViolin from the forum pointed out that smooth skinny dipper!! Haha! And research indicates that Leonard also did “Tower of Song” on this TV show – and I hope that video shows up somewhere!

    But – does Leonard really sing the second “Pleeeeeeeese.” I think he just sort of mouths and mugs there. Whatever – it makes me laugh – and it was then scripted into the arrangement as Roscoe’s part for the tour. Before the show at the Tower Theatre last month I had an opportunity to see Dino and Roscoe in the lobby and I told Roscoe that his “Pleeeeeeeese” had become a topic of conversation at the forum and was now “TM Roscoe Beck.” As a result, I think Philadelphia got a bit of an extra performance from Roscoe :) – and I offer into evidence my video from that show – at 2:25, not only does Roscoe laugh and give us “Pleeeeeeeeeese” but also an expressive pleading hand movement. The second time – at 4:38 – comes with a deep knee bend. :) :)

    And this pleading hand movement was also done at the San Jose show and is visible in Albert Noonan’s video at 2:25, where Roscoe is now given the full spotlight treatment. Then, the second time around – at 4:33 – Roscoe stresses the urgency with closed fist! :):)

    • For the record – While I respect Leonard Cohen’s many musical talents, I do not believe now nor did I believe when I wrote this post that those skills include the chops to “‘[echo] his own “Pleeeeease’” while simultaneously sustaining his first rendering of the same word. I thought it self-evident that precious little of the video’s entertainment value is dependent on a one-to-one correlation to what passes for real life.

    • Thank you very much for the information, sturgess!!! :) Alas, I’m also blocked for the aol link and the megaupload link is not available at the moment… (?) Well, I will try again later. *still curious to see it* :)

  4. Aaah, it worked – and now I see why it is blocked in my country *cough* ;)
    Anyway, that was great entertainment obviously – especially for the performers themselves I guess :D
    Thanks a lot everyone!