Immortalizing The Leonard Cohen-DrHGuy Beacon Theatre Appearance

Yesterday’s post noted a possible resemblance between the cover art of a featured bootleg, BigO: Bruce Springsteen – Merry Christmas From Asbury Park (click on images for best viewing):

springsteen xmas blowup

… and my homemade image atop last year’s Heck Of A Guy post, Nobody Rocks Christmas Like Bruce Springsteen:


Well, it was only a cut and paste project using a Springsteen publicity photo and a guitar-playing Santa extracted from another shot I found in a collage composed of many unattributed  images so there is little about which I can legitimately complain. Still, one always appreciates acknowledgment for whatever glimmers of talent one manages to throw off.

In any case, I’m more interested in another specimen of art appropriation from the Heck Of A Guy archives.

The Photo Of The Nonexistent “Leonard Cohen & DrHGuy” Beacon Theatre Marquee

The bootleg site is again BigO; this time, the bootleg is Leonard Cohen – New York 2009, which turns out to be the Leonard Cohen February 19, 2009 Beacon Theatre Concert. Below are screenshots of the pertinent portions of the BigO website:


And this is the bootleg’s back cover art at full size:


Immediately below is a screenshot that first appeared on the morning of the concert at the top of the Heck Of A Guy post, New York Tonight – Leonard Cohen & DrHGuy Appearing Together For The First Time:


Yep, the cover art of this bootleg of the very real Leonard Cohen Beacon Theatre Concert features a fake marquee identifying not only Leonard Cohen but also your humble Heck Of A Guy host, DrHGuy.

I am less miffed about not receiving credit for my Photoshop exercise1  than I am curious about who those bootleg downloaders think “DrHGuy” might be: Leonard Cohen’s sidekick? The opening act? The band leader? The ostensibly funny blogger?

  1. The art is credited solely to one herzog777, which is not one of my blogonyms []

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