Thanks, Leonard Cohen, For Coming To The USA – The Video Celebration

Video Of Leonard Cohen USA Concert Highlights Released

Heck Of A Guy proudly announces the release today of
Thanks, Leonard Cohen, For Coming To The USA

A video offered in appreciation of
Leonard Cohen’s Fall 2009 US Tour
and in celebration of the
2008-2009 Leonard Cohen World Tour,
a labor born of catastrophe and betrayal
that became a triumph of music and spirit

Taking A Look At The Leonard Cohen Fall 2009 USA Tour

Thanks, Leonard Cohen, For Coming To The USA is a ten minute video with photo and YouTube highlights focusing on the Fall 2009 Leonard Cohen concert series that began in Fort Lauderdale and concluded in San Jose, California. Additional scenes track back to the beginning of the Tour and Cohen’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and extends to the 2010 iteration of the Tour and beyond.

The soundtrack includes segments from “First We Take Manhattan” and “Closing Time” bracketing “Democracy Is Coming To The USA,” the final song at the final concert of the USA Tour.

View Thanks, Leonard Cohen, For Coming To The USA

Previous Leonard Cohen World Tour Video Commemorations

The Original Heck Of A Guy Dear Leonard Cohen – Thanks For The Tour. I Hope It Was Good For You, Too commemorative video celebration of the first 14 months of the 2008-2009 World Tour can be viewed at Thanks For The Tour.  A 2nd video, focusing on the Summer 2009 concerts can be seen at Thanks Again For The Tour – The Encore Video.

10 responses to “Thanks, Leonard Cohen, For Coming To The USA – The Video Celebration

  1. Great stuff Allan. Very good tribute.

  2. Beautiful! *sigh* Thank you!

  3. But instead of “closing time” the sentiment should be “the Road goes ever on and on…”

    ..and that’s a really skillful photoshop of you and The Guy. It looks almost real.

    BTW, does anyone know what this means? During the Tell Aviv concert |video here|, at around 0:56 Leonard says “This is not about forgiving and forgetting, this is not about laying down ones arms in a time of war, this is not even about peace, although God willing, it could be a beginning. This is about a response to human grief, a radical, unique, and holy, holy, holy response to human suffering baru hash yem.” (I tried to spell this phonetically.) I suspect he is speaking Hebrew and that this refers to some religious principle.

    • LC is actually saying “Baruch Hashem” which literally means “Blessed be G_D”. In this context, I would interpret it as, “With The Help Of G_D”

    • Ah, thank you, Arlene Dick. Googling “Baruch Hashem” brings up the further information that in Hebrew the common greeting meaning “what’s new?” is “Mah nishma?” and the formula answer is “Baruch Hashem” ???? ??? — Thank God, or “Blessed be G_D” . Wiktionary says “Baruch Hashem” is “Blessed be the Name (of the Lord)”.

  4. Diana Dahart

    Dear DrHGuy,

    Once again you have surpassed yourself! A beautiful video, full of life, that brings back a million warm and wonderful memories! Can’t wait for the new tour to start! Thank you so very very much.

  5. Dear Allan ~

    I’m tearful and breathless. I have to believe that when Leonard views it, he will find his eyes go moist. The layers of love you’ve created are uncountable… and they go all directions. This is the most beautiful I’ve seen. It fits as an official video for something. I, too, want one each of your t-shirts. SOooo funny on Dino’s LOL. SOoooo beautiful and true on Leonard’s. You underscore, italicize, and bold the privilege I feel to have lived during the same time and experienced Leonard’s genius and kindness. Love to you, Allan, for this magnificent effort.


  6. ” . . . a labor born of catastrophe and betrayal that became a triumph of music and spirit.”

    So succinctly and poignantly true.
    It couldn’t be said any better.


  7. DrHGuy,

    You’re pretty good too.