Leonard Cohen & The Blessings Of Weybridge

One More Moment From The Wet, Wonderful Weybridge Show

While rummaging through the boxes of  posts that might have been stored in the Heck Of A Guy attic, I found the video, never published here,  of “Whither Thou Goest” and the Blessings from the conclusion of the July 11, 2009 Leonard Cohen Weybridge concert.

I am belatedly offering this recording of an excellent performance  in the guise of a Classic Cohen Concert Encore in hopes of disguising or at least distracting the reader’s attention from the oversight and the consequent  seven month delay in posting.


Leonard Cohen's Back - Note rain falling on Cohen who is on the protected stage

Happily, the Weybridge concert is one well worth recalling.

As dorsetbays, the photographer who took the above shot  summarized,

Leonard Cohen put on an amazing concert at the Mercedes Benz Arena, Surrey on 11 July 2009. The weather was atrocious, heavy rain and gale force winds, but the atmosphere was electric.

Indeed, by all accounts, the concert was one of the World Tour’s highlights as the  performance of Cohen and his musicians and the response of the crowd simply overwhelmed the impact of the wind and rain.

I immodestly recommend two Heck Of A Guy posts, Leonard Cohen’s Wet, Wonderful Weybridge Show and , for an account of the show and outstanding photos and videos from the concert.

The Blessings Of Weybridge1 Video

Leonard Cohen – Whither Thou Goest (Weybridge,  7/11/2009)

Video from albertnoonan

  1. Wouldn’t “The Blessings Of Weybridge” be a dandy name for a BBC sitcom?” []

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