The Most Popular Leonard Cohen Posts At DrHGuy

Leonard Cohen At DrHGuy

As ongoing viewers know, DrHGuy is the quick-witted, energetic, happy go lucky younger sibling of the jocose but prolix, sometimes abstruse Heck of a Guy blog before you now.

DrHGuy  posts typically comprise no more than an image and caption, a quotation, or a brief bit of prose. Many of these 893 entries (as of this morning) are photos of, quotations by, or prose about Leonard Cohen. Of those DrHGuy Leonard Cohen posts, two have proven most popular by a wide margin.

Is “most popular by a wide margin” significant?  Well, consider this: that great photo of  Leonard Cohen on Route 66 (New Mexico 1987)1 atop this post?  That’s the  third most popular Leonard Cohen post at DrHGuy.

The Most Popular Leonard Cohen Photo: Leonard Cohen on train from Marseilles to Nice (1981)

Leonard Cohen on train from Marseilles to Nice (1981)

This photo2 can be found at Leonard Cohen On Train.

The Most Popular Leonard Cohen Quotation: Leonard Cohen’s Five Word Self-description

Q: Pick five words that describe yourself.

A: Oh, The Seven Deadly Sins.

This quote from “Q Questionnaire – Leonard Cohen” (September 1994 Q Magazine) can be found at Leonard Cohen’s Response To “Pick five words that describe yourself”

Other Fine & Dandy Leonard Cohen Posts At DrHGuy

In addition to the shot shown above of a young Leonard Cohen demonstrating his smoke ring blowing skills, one can also check out a photo of the killer lineup of  Elvis Costello, Roscoe Beck, T-Bone Burnett, Jackson Browne, Warren Zevon, & Richard Thompson appearing together at McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica in the mid-1980s (from Roscoe Beck – Scrapbook).

Or consider this tres cool photo of Sharon Robinson from Standdart magazine.

There are also entries featuring advice from Leonard Cohen on bondage fantasies, the student passport of the 5’8″, hazel-eyed Leonard Cohen, and the advice the Leonard Cohen who created “Ten New Songs” would give to the Leonard Cohen who created “Song of Leonard Cohen,” (besides “Move To L.A”).

Putting Leonard Cohen In Context At DrHGuy

Leonard Cohen material is indeed very popular at DrHGuy. To put this phenomenon in context, however, the most frequently viewed  DrHGuy post in any category is …

Exposing The Nads By Design, spotlighting  Scrotie (pictured here), the mascot for the Rhode Island School of Design hockey team.3

The DrHGuy  post with the second highest number of hits is this graphic of a fully tricked-out walker4 fashioned by Chris of Galway, Ireland in celebration of his brother’s 40th birthday.

There is, no doubt, a profound message embedded in the relative popularity of these posts. If anyone figures it out, please let me know.

  1. From Les Inrockuptibles Issue # 709 []
  2. From Les Inrockuptibles Issue # 709 []
  3. Scrotie was first featured as part of A Mascot Madness Update, a Heck Of A Guy post. []
  4. The inspiration for Chris’s creation was the Heck of a Guy post, Pimp My Assistive Device. []

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