Leonard Cohen Thanks Canada – The Video

This is the video version of the quote featured in yesterday’s post, Leonard Cohen Says Thank You To Canada, in which Leonard Cohen, who will be will be honored tonight with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, pays respect to Canada, his home country, during a January 28, 2010 party at the Canadian consul general’s residence.

My great grandfather, Lazarus Cohen, came to Canada in 1869, to the county of Glengarry, a little town in Maberly. It’s customary to thank people for the help and aid they’ve given. On this occasion, because of the great hospitality that was accorded my ancestor who came here over 140 years ago, I want to thank this country, Canada, for allowing us to live and work and flourish in a place that was different from all other places in the world. So I thank Canada for the opportunity that was given me to work and play and flourish. … Thank you, friends.

An audio recording of Cohen’s complete speech, along with an introduction and followup comments by the evening’s MC, can be found at Leonard Cohen On Receiving Lifetime Achievement Award

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