Grammys Award Leonard Cohen 30 Seconds Of Faint Praise For Lifetime Of Superb Achievement

Well, At Least They Didn’t Take Back The Award

I confess that the headline, “Grammys Award Leonard Cohen 30 Seconds Of Faint Praise For Lifetime Of Spectacular Achievement,” is misleadingly exaggerated.

If one subtracts the time taken by applause, the official commendation of Leonard Cohen at the 2010 Grammy Awards Show was efficiently and  fully executed in 19 seconds.

In making that 19 second announcement of Leonard Cohen’s Lifetime Achievement Award, however, Seal invoked the full majesty, authority, and prestige  of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States with an impressively vapid,  cliched, and immediately forgettable acknowledgment of Leonard Cohen’s extraordinary forty year career as a singer-songwriter.

OK, on reviewing that last sentence, I see I am again guilty of unfairly and inaccurately twisting what was actually said.  Viewers who carefully watch the video of this event will find that the central thesis of Seal’s impressively vapid,  cliched, and immediately forgettable declaration had less to do with Cohen’s accomplishments than with the conceit that the decision to bestow the Lifetime Achievement Award upon Leonard Cohen was  to Seal’s liking,  As an extra treat, Seal’s blessing of the award was augmented with the revelation that Seal’s personal favorite  among Cohen’s songs is “Hallelujah.”

Leonard Cohen was not present to hear this adulation in person but was represented by a vapid, cliched, and immediately forgettable set of projected images that included the screen capture shown atop this post.  The award was actually presented to Cohen during the  ghettoized Lifetime Achievement Awards ceremony the night before the major Grammy Awards Presentation Program.

Leonard Cohen Saluted at Grammy Awards, Jan 31, 2010

Because of the brevity of this event, the video has been set to loop four times. Nonetheless, viewers are well-advised to prepare themselves prior to clicking on the video’s start button and to steadfastly maintain focus once the screening begins. And, whatever you do - Don’t Blink.   Video from arlenedick15

4 responses to “Grammys Award Leonard Cohen 30 Seconds Of Faint Praise For Lifetime Of Superb Achievement

  1. It was paltry at best….

    Yes, Virginia, I am being kind as this is a classy “Heck of a Guy” page.

    Leonard would not have had to patronise the audience with an aerial or Gaga-esque extravaganza to masquarade as talent… Sheesh!

  2. Too right. Incredible to think that recognition of a lifetime’s work is accorded 19 seconds, while the announcement of ‘Song of the Year’ receives five minutes airtime.

  3. Can’t add anything to what you said Dr.H. You described the farce beautifully.

  4. I read somewhere that LC didn’t shave before he went to collect the award the day before. If true, interesting commentary. It was a shabby looking presentation, like seating someone in the cafeteria when they belong in a French restaurant with crystal and white tablecloths; Leonard was the only classy part of it.

    I have never watched the grammies, but I expected something a little more, you know, glitter and spotlights. Instead it’s just a bunch of kids mouthing banalities. Some day Leonard is going to be our generation’s answer to Joyce, the troubadours, Pound, all the great post-modern poets. Not sure whether Leonard or his admirers are any worse off without the recognition, but it would have been a chance to breathe a moment of quality into the music scene.