The 2010 Leonard Cohen Tour Serenity Prayer

Balm For The Distraught Cohenphilic Personality Disorder Sufferer At An Affordable Price

The recent rescheduling of Leonard Cohen’s 2010 concerts because of his back injury has resulted, as any epidemiologist might have anticipated, a precipitous increase in anxiety titers among vulnerable members of the population, especially those carrying the diagnosis of Cohenphilic Personality Disorder.

In response, Heck Of A Guy is pleased to offer the 2010 Leonard Cohen World Tour Serenity Prayer needlepoint sampler, the latest item from the Heck Of A Guy New & Improved Leonard Cohen Merchandise collection.1

Bearing the heartfelt prayer,

Leonard, grant me
The Serenity to accept the Tour schedule I cannot change;
The Courage to book new flights & reservations if I can;
And for goodness sake, take it easy with the exercise

the 2010 Leonard Cohen World Tour Serenity Prayer needlepoint sampler is not only a therapeutic and spiritual aid but also an attractive addition to any decor.

  1. For information about and background of the Heck Of A Guy Leonard Cohen New And Improved Merchandising effort and other available Leonard Cohen souvenirs, see  Leonard Cohen Fan Affliction Medical Alert Bracelet, The “I (Unified) Heart Leonard Cohen” T-shirt, The Heart With A Companion T-shirt, Venue-appropriate Headgear, The Leonard Cohen Bobble Head, The WWLCD? T-shirt, and More Dino Duds & Len’s Beach Towel []

3 responses to “The 2010 Leonard Cohen Tour Serenity Prayer

  1. Amen :o(

  2. This week I tried to tangle with my Leonard Cohen concert poster, and get it into a standard poster frame. Unfortunately the manufacturer didn’t bleed the black border off the edge, and even after folding the bottom, I ended up with a quarter inch of white at the top and a half inch at the bottom. What am I doing wrong? Maybe I need a mat for it. Am I in danger of flipping out? Maybe I need to take up needlepoint instead.

    I put it in the bedroom, since a friend wrote to me *checks email again*

    What albums of his do you have? These two are compulsory for meditative listening in the furrow of midnight, and are certainly my favourites:

    ..the Amazon links are to “Songs of Leonard Cohen” and “Songs of Love and Hate”

    Ah,…. “meditative listening in the furrow of midnight.” I like that.

    “Furrow” can be a lot of things.