KD Lang + Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" + 2010 Vancouver Olympics = 1181 Pageviews

KD Lang Cover Of “Hallelujah” Extraordinarily Popular

Yesterday’s post, KD Lang Sings Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” At Opening Of 2010 Vancouver Olympics caused a major bump in Heck Of A Guy stats.

As shown by the graphs (click on graphs to enlarge), also known as the “How Much I Love KD Lang Graphs,” both the number of pageviews of and unique visitors1 to Heck Of A Guy shot upward on the day after Friday night’s opening ceremonies of the 2010 Olympics. Google Analytics reveal that the KD Lang-Hallelujah video was the major reason for the atypically busy day (although Now Available – The Other Leonard Cohen Album was also particularly popular with 275 folks downloading that set of Leonard Cohen unreleased songs).

The KD Lang-Hallelujah post’s popularity is especially impressive given that the video disappeared from YouTube midday because of copyright claims by the International Olympic Committee. (Since then, various recordings of Lang’s performance have been uploaded, removed, re-uploaded, … )

The Significance Of The KD Lang-Hallelujah Statistical Bump

The notable increment in the normal number of pageviews generated by this post means that – well, it means a lot of people wanted to hear KD Lang singing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” at the opening of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

And that’s pretty cool.

So, thank you KD, thank you Leonard, and thank you Vancouver Olympics.

  1. “Unique,” in this context, refers to “unique computer address.” That means that if you, your best friend, and your mother all used the same computer with the internet access to watch the KD Lang video at different times during the day, it still counts as only one unique visitor []

4 responses to “KD Lang + Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" + 2010 Vancouver Olympics = 1181 Pageviews

  1. At $10 a view, you’re getting rich Dr Heck!

    Many thanks for the first post, and the updated link to the NBC site.

    By far the highlight of the opening ceremony!

    • Uh, Dick, do you know when I’ll be receiving that check? I’m a little short on funds while I’m waiting on the cash to arrive from that Nigerian Prince.

  2. MAGNIFICENT! K.D. Lang is Best female performer for this new world 2010 Olympics SUPER HIT !!

    Best male performance is Nick Schilder world star entertainer.

  3. kd lang is a great talent BUT her choice of the “so-called classic by Cohen was BAD!
    How did that song honor the athletes, the memory of the Georgian athlete, or the Original Canadian Tribes (which was the theme)???
    Lyrics like “she tied him to a kitchen chair, broke his throne and cut his hair” or “all I ever learned of love was how to shoot the one who out-drew ya” was a mockeryto this event. Read the lyrics folks – and maybe can answer my question about how this song belonged at the Opening ceremonies. (Hallelujah means “praise God!)