Leonard Cohen – Photo By Annie Leibovitz

Leonard Cohen At Ease

I serendipitously discovered this photo1 of Leonard Cohen shot by Annie Leibovitz on Speaking Cohen while searching for – well, now I forget what it was I thought I wanted to find.

It doesn’t matter; an Annie Leibovitz  portrait of Leonard Cohen is better.

This photo, shot at Cohen’s Los Angeles home, graced the Music Issue of Vanity Fair in November 2001, not long after he returned from his five year stay at the Mount Baldy Zen Center and just following his release of Ten New Songs.

The panel containing the text in the graphic above is shown enlarged below.

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  1. I have altered the photo a tad. The original image was printed across two facing pages of the magazine, and as anyone who has tried to scan such graphics knows, matching the sizes and angles of both pages is extraordinarily difficult. I performed some PhotoShop adjustments for aesthetics. (I’m always happy to do what I can to help out Annie and, for that matter, Leonard.) []

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