Compare & Contrast "Memories" by Leonard Cohen And "Excuses" by The Morning Benders

Leonard Cohen (left) and Chris Chu of The Morning Benders (right)

Two Phil Spector Wall Of Sound Commemorations Of Young Love – 1979 and 2010

Ongoing readers may recall a previous Heck Of A Guy post, Morning Benders Go Orchestral On “Excuses,” featuring a video by this young, talented band that especially impressed me. Those same ongoing readers will almost certainly know that I am quite the fan of "Memories" by Leonard Cohen, which has been the focus of several posts, beginning with Two Leonard Cohen Memories.

After posting the "Excuses" video by The Morning Benders, I found myself comparing it to recordings of Leonard Cohen singing "Memories" more than 30 years earlier.

The obvious link between these performances is Phil Spector, who is credited with writing the music for “Memories” by Leonard Cohen (released 1977; this performance 1979)  and is mentioned as an influence on this specific rendition of “Excuses”1 by The Morning Benders (released and performed 2010). Listen to both, however, and I think you’ll find other parallels.

OK, the backup singers don’t match up perfectly, but both sets do sing a lot of nice syllables.

Leonard Cohen – Memories (German TV, 1979)

Morning Benders – Excuses (2010)

The video is a tad slow to begin; be patient.

  1. This is a special video performance; the album version of “Excuses” is sans orchestra []

One response to “Compare & Contrast "Memories" by Leonard Cohen And "Excuses" by The Morning Benders

  1. I like it; however, it does put me in the mind of memories. Leonard probably wishes he had done the latter. I say this only because he seemed to be embarassed by the original although it was popular. I know I could relate to ‘Memories’ myself.