Back To Belgrade – Leonard Cohen World Tour 2009

Up Close And Personal With Leonard Cohen Singing “The Partisan” and “First We Take Manhattan”

As was the case with The Sexiest “I’m Your Man” Ever? Leonard Cohen At Radio City Music Hall, May 17, 2009, I have serendipitously stumbled onto outstanding videos of equally outstanding performances from the Leonard Cohen World Tour that have been previously overlooked (by me). While Heck Of A Guy posts have featured songs from the September 2, 2009 Belgrade concert,1 these two offerings from marellyboy are treats that deserve the spotlight.

Both recordings are high quality, extraordinarily clear videos flawed only by intermittent unsteadiness and camera movement (but far too little to detract from the viewer’s enjoyment) with good close-up shots of Leonard Cohen. Indeed, one can clearly observe Cohen’s chord changes on “The Partisan.”

Cohen is appropriately solid and determined during “The Partisan” and especially animated and expressive playing “First We Take Manhattan.”

And, the audience is spectacular, reacting with wholehearted enthusiasm.

Leonard Cohen- The Partisan (Belgrade 2 Sept 2009)

Video from marellyboy

Leonard Cohen- First We Take Manhattan (Belgrade 2 Sept 2009)

Video from marellyboy

Credit Due Department: I was initially alerted to these videos by a post at LeonardCohenForum written by Okudzhava (who also pointed out the visible chord changes).

  1. See Leonard Cohen Goes Crazy Twice In Belgrade and Belgrade Chimes In With Leonard Cohen On “So Long Marianne” []

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