Sign That The Apocalypse Is Upon Us – Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" Attributed To Alexandra Burke

Left to Right: Leonard Cohen, Alexandra Burke

Alexandra Burke’s “Hallelujah”

This morning, while innocently following routine links referring to Leonard Cohen, DrHGuy found himself confronted by this entry at The X Factor Buzz:

Why hasn’t Alexandra Burke written more songs after “Hallelujah?”  That was such a great song for a first attempt. Where is she?1

Not unlike Jesus, DrHGuy wept.

It Gets Worse

Alexandra’s X Factor rendition of “Hallelujah” has previously been featured at Heck Of A Guy, most prominently in the post, Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, X Factor Style, which focused on the performance of the song.  An excerpt follows:

The hand gestures also annoy me – a lot.


Well it goes like this the fourth, the fifh
Yep, you’re seeing it correctly. She shows 4 and then 5 fingers in sync with the lyrics.2


The minor fall and the major lift
To assist those of us who are musicologically challenged, she indicates first the minor fall and then (out of range for this still shot but evident in the video) the major lift.

DrHGuy, it must be admitted, somehow overlooked the possibility that anyone, upon viewing this glitter production of the song  Leonard Cohen struggled over for more than two years, would come away thinking something on the lines of “That Alexandra sure did write a great song – especially for a first attempt.”3
xbigfinshNot only, however, did someone ask “Why hasn’t Alexandra Burke written more songs after ‘Hallelujah?'” but of the twelve answers proffered to that query, four repeated or at least failed to refute the mistaken attribution  implicit in the original question:

  • Apparently they sign a contract when they win that they can’t release anything for a year. That’s why the winners are always there on the next years show promoting their new album and stuff. & Why JLS have just released there’s, because they didn’t win so no contract limiting them. Apparently anyway aha.
  • I believe that she is taking her time and finding the right material for her debut album. That’s what Leona Lewis done.
  • They usually release an album a year after, when the next X factor is in full flow as it helps promote them – so I guess you’ll be waiting for December 2009
  • I’d say she is busy making more songs. she is probably busy with all the shows she has to do!

As previously noted, the Apocalypse is upon us.4

  1. DrHGuy, unable to tolerate the combined impact of the content of this entry and the misspelling of “Hallelujah” and the errant punctuation and capitalization, has corrected these grammatical errors he is desperately trying to make himself believe are typos. []
  2. I admit it would be even worse if she got the number of fingers wrong. Still, … []
  3. By the way, the rumor that Jeff Buckley fans are miffed that the authorship of “Hallelujah” is now being erroneously attributed to Alexandra Burke rather than erroneously attributed to Jeff Buckley has not yet been officially confirmed. []
  4. Note to younger readers: “The Apocalypse is upon us” is an allusion to the end of days and second coming of Christ prophesied in the Book of Revelation; it is not the name of the latest song ostensibly written by Ms. Burke. []
  1. The Apocalypse has come, and we still live!


    Another winner good Doctor.

    and by the way, that you might be a Cohen fan if…is doing great guns on the forum.