Leonard Cohen In 1975 “Lover Lover Lover” Video

Leonard Cohen Promotes New Skin for the Old Ceremony On Italian TV

While no information is provided with this recently surfaced YouTube video beyond the title and the singer’s name, it appears to be the version of “Lover Lover Lover”  broadcast on Rai Uno1 in 1975.  The song was released as a track on the New Skin for the Old Ceremony album in August 1974.

The opening of the song is notable for the significant lag between the time the music is first heard and the point at which Cohen begins performing.

Leonard Cohen – Lover Lover Lover


For Your Viewing Enjoyment: A 1974 video of Leonard Cohen singing “Lover Lover Lover” on French TV, an altogether superior performance by my lights, is available at Leonard Cohen Performances From The Video Vault.

  1. Rai Uno is the primary television station of RAI, the national public service broadcaster, and the most watched television channel in Italy. From Wikipedia []

One response to “Leonard Cohen In 1975 “Lover Lover Lover” Video

  1. hahaha! Never noticed the lag time before! I love the surly, skeptical look he has before the “performance” starts.