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Montreal Cohen Family  Home For Sale – $1,525,000

The home in which Esther and Leonard Cohen were raised, 599 Belmont,  located in the Westmount neighborhood1 of Montreal is for sale. Consequently a virtual tour is available at … rid=577342, courtesy of the listing real estate brokerage, McGuigan Pepin Inc.

Be warned that the home has, as one would expect, been updated and, except for the exterior aspect and the views of the surrounding areas, there is little that appears preserved from the 1930s through the early 1950s when Leonard Cohen was resident there.2

Interested readers may wish to augment this contemporary view of the Cohen family home with A Short Walk In Leonard Cohen’s Westmount by T.F. Rigelhof.

Leonard Cohen – Current Real Estate

Leonard Cohen does not own the house where he grew up but does have  his own home in Montreal off boulevard St-Laurent, which Lani Selick describes in Leonard Cohen Interview on CBC, the supplement to Cohen’s 2009 interview on CBC Radio’s “Q,” with Jian Ghomeshi:

He has owned the same house in Montreal for some 35 years, located in the old Jewish neighborhood where he grew up. It is a modest, “just folks” kind of place, the opposite of upscale and trendy. The furniture looks unremarkable and from an earlier time. There are no fancy electronics. Kitchen cupboards may well be original. The living-room door-handle needs repair. The washing machine is well used: The entire street does their laundry at his place, he says. I ask Cohen about not being here much: he owns another house in Los Angeles, where he spends much if not most of the year, plus he travels a lot, especially lately with his concert schedule. He tells me he considers this place his true home, a place that connects him to his roots and to his family. “Who takes care of it when you aren’t here?” I ask him. “My neighbours”.

Cohen also owns a residence in Los Angeles, characterized by Pico Iyer in Pico Iyer on the strange connection between the Dalai Lama and Graham Greene by Jeff Baker in The Oregonian (April 06, 2010):

It’s an extraordinary thing. He lives in this tiny house in central Los Angeles that’s so dangerous I’m scared ever to visit it, an area where everyone has barred their windows, you can almost hear sirens and breaking glass. Out of all my friends in California — normal people, struggling writers — he lives in the single most modest place. I and my friends seem rich next to Leonard Cohen. He shares a house with his daughter and he might as well be in the monastery and he’s been there for almost 30 years.


Credit Due Department: I first learned that the Cohen childhood home was for sale from a LeonardCohenForum post by bridger15.

  1. Westmount is an upper-middle-class suburb of Montreal, located on the slope of Mount Royal. []
  2. For more about Leonard Cohen’s childhood in Montreal, see Leonard Cohen’s Childhood. []

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