Things To Do While Waiting For The 2010 Leonard Cohen World Tour – Playing Solitaire

Klondike played with Leonard Cohen World Tour cards - click to enlarge

There Ain’t No Cure For Love, But There Is Palliative Care

The Leonard Cohen World Tour Solitaire card deck featured in yesterday’s post, Leonard Cohen World Tour – It’s In The Cards, has proven uncommonly popular, precipitating interest in inquiries into requests for demands supplemented with threats that the cards be made available.

In a happy coincidence, the Leonard Cohen Fan Disorders (Love Is Not A Victory) March Of Benjamins Foundation,1 is offering Cohen fans, who are now suffering from a buildup of anxiety secondary to the impending commencement of the 2010 Leonard Cohen World Tour, palliative care in the form of  computer Solitaire employing the Cohen-themed card deck. Heck Of A Guy, in keeping with its  philanthropic and humanitarian missions, is providing access to this therapy at  no cost.

Incredibly Detailed Instructions For The Downloading And Installation Of The Solitaire Game And Card Deck

Do not be daunted by the number of steps listed below. These instructions have been written specifically for those unfamiliar with installing computer programs and thus include many steps that may be redundant for most experienced users.2 From beginning the downloads to starting the first game should require less than 10 minutes for any but the most cautious.

To play computer Solitaire with the Leonard Cohen World Tour cards two components are necessary:

  1. Solitaire game software
  2. The card deck

The Solitaire game software allows the user to play Solitaire with any suitable deck of cards, much as MP3 player software allows the user to play music with any suitable MP3 file.

The Leonard Cohen World Tour cards shown in the graphic at the top of this post are in a file named “LCWorldTourcards.rkp,” which is downloaded separately from the Solitaire game software.

AS-Solitaire is a free program for Windows that can play 40 Solitaire games with these (and other) cards.3  While I’ve used AS-Solitaire myself without problems, I have no affiliation with it, and I cannot guarantee it will work for you or that it will not harm your compute; nor can I offer any support for the program. I.e., No matter what catastrophe takes place, it’s not my fault. I warned you, and you have only yourself to blame.

Downloading The Leonard Cohen World Tour Card Deck
To download the cards file (“LCWorldTourcards.rkp”), follow these instructions:

1. Right-click on the following link and then choose “Open link in new window” or “Open link in new tab” to open the download service page in a new window or tab (left clicking on the link may open the download service page in this same window; in that case, click the “Back” arrow on your browser to return to this post): Leonard Cohen World Tour Cards Download

2. On the MediaFire  download service page that opens, click on this image:

Then choose “Save File.”  Note where the cards  file (“LCWorldTourcards.rkp”)  is saved. You’ll need it in a moment.

Downloading And Installing The Solitaire Game Program
1. Download the Solitaire game program installation file  (currently named “as021110.exe”) by left-clicking on this link: AS-Solitaire Download. Note where the program installation file (“as021110.exe”) is saved.

2. Create a new folder at any convenient location (e.g., in your “Documents” section) and name it “solitaire” (neither the exact site or name chosen for the folder is fundamentally important).

3. Move the downloaded program installation file (“as021110.exe”) to the new folder just created (“solitaire”).

4. Double-click on the program installation file (“as021110.exe”). If a Security Warning dialogue box displays, click “Run.” A dialogue box, probably in German and appearing something like the graphic below, may then be displayed.

Note that the location shown at the top of the box (in this example, ” (“C:\Users\Allan\Documents\solitaire”) reflects the newly created folder in which the program installation file (“as021110.exe”) is located.

Click the “Entpacken>” button at the lower right.  This will cause the program file (“as021110.exe”)  to unpack itself into a new folder, named “as-solitaire,” within your “solitaire” folder.  Your “solitaire” folder should now contain the program installation file (“as021110.exe”) and the “as-solitaire” folder:

The program installation file (“as021110.exe”) is no longer needed and may be deleted.

Inside the “as-solitaire” folder, you will find two files and several folders, one of  which is named “cards”:

5. Move the cards file (“LCWorldTourcards.rkp”) you downloaded earlier  into that “cards” folder.

Playing The Game

1. To start the Solitaire game itself, return to the “as-solitaire” folder and double-click on the file named “as-solitaire.exe”

Note: The program does not install an entry in the Program Start list.  If opening the  “as-solitaire” folder to double-click on “as-solitaire.exe” to start the game every time you have the urge to play seems arduous to you (it does to me), create your own shortcut by right-clicking on “as-solitaire.exe” and holding (rather than releasing the click) in order to drag the file to your desktop. Release the file on the desktop. From the menu that is then offered, choose “Create shortcuts here.” That produces a shortcut (see below) that operates as though it were the original file. (By right-clicking on the shortcut and choosing “rename,” you can change the name of the shortcut it as you wish, e.g., “LC Solitaire Game.”)

Double-clicking on either the “as-solitaire.exe”  file or its shortcut  will open the game program by displaying the splash screen:

2. Click anywhere on the splash screen to produce something that resembles the following image (the opening game shown appears to be randomly chosen):

3. If the cards shown are not from the Leonard Cohen World Tour deck, click the folder-Ace of Spades icon at the furthest left of the top toolbar.

That should open the “cards” folder (if not, just navigate there) where you placed the “LCWorldTourcards.rkp” cards file. Select “LCWorldTourcards.rkp” and then click “Open.” The Leonard Cohen World Tour deck will then be the cards shown in the game.

4. Then, click on the butterfly icon furthest left on the top toolbar.

5. Choose among the several games offered (see area outlined in yellow below).4

<a href=””>AS-Solitaire</a>
  1. The Leonard Cohen Fan Disorders (Love Is Not A Victory) March Of Benjamins is a charitable effort of compassion, raising money in tiny increments through skipathons to fund life support for those suffering from Cohenphilic Personality Disorder. As DrHGuy points out, “Every $100 donation brings a patient afflicted with Leonard Cohen Fan Disorder a little closer to receiving the desperately needed intensive care that is available only in center stage, front row seats at a Leonard Cohen concert.” []
  2. On the other hand, the software appears to have been developed by someone whose native language is German and who sees little reason to permit program design standardization to inhibit his or her creativity. []
  3. There are many other Solitaire programs. I’ve chosen AS-Solitaire only because I’ve used it myself and, not coincidentally, it is available without charge. []
  4. “Klondike” is probably the game most commonly associated with the generic term, “Solitaire,”  in the US []

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  1. Awesome. Very clever making the Webb Sisters “10”s. Thanks for the great download instructions!

  2. Thanks Allan,
    The second link is not blue and for me wouldn’t work as a left click so I right-clicked and it worked OK. Everything else was very clear to follow. I did get a virus alert but it seems to have fixed itself. I will now have fun playing the game.