Leonard Cohen On "The Inevitable Moral Pneumonia That Follows On A Blizzard Of Praise"

Leonard Cohen & "Leonard Cohen I’m Your Man" Appear At LA Film Festival

While this video of Leonard Cohen speaking before the 2006 LA Film Festival screening of “Leonard Cohen I’m Your Man”1 has been available on YouTube for almost four years and comprises only a brief (84 seconds) acknowledgment by Cohen of his gratitude for the tribute, it merits watching as yet another demonstration of the sing-songwriter’s self-effacing graciousness and as a lesson in expressing sincere gratitude without resorting to the kind of treacle that serves as the primary constituent of, say, acceptance speeches at awards shows for performers.

Heck, it’s worth watching if only to hear Leonard Cohen’s describe his intention to retire to the green room in order to

fortify [himself] with a drink in order to confront the inevitable moral pneumonia that follows on a blizzard of praise.

An Evening with Leonard Cohen

Video from neithernonzio

Credit Due Department: I was reminded of the availability of this video by bridger15.

  1. The tribute film/documentary, “Leonard Cohen I’m Your Man,” can itself be found at View Complete “Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man” Documentary Online Now []

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