Things To Do While Waiting For The 2010 Leonard Cohen World Tour – Solving A Cohen Word Search

The Leonard Cohen Song Titles Word Search

The target words in the Leonard Cohen Song Titles Word Search are from – well, they’re from Leonard Cohen song titles.  The word list is located below the puzzle.

Within the puzzle, the  target words may be positioned horizontally, vertically, or diagonally and the letters may be arranged left to right, right to left, up to down, or down to up.

Update 17 May 2010: The answer key is now available and can be found at Answer Key

Printing The Word Search

The optimal means of printing the word search (there is no online version for solving) is to click on the following link to download the puzzle in PDF format for printing: Leonard Cohen Song Titles Word Search – PDF

Alternatively, the puzzle can be printed directly from this page. If printing  directly from this page is problematic, right-click on the following links,  and choose “Open link in new window” or “Open link in new tab” to print from a page with only the puzzle graphic itself and a page with only a graphic of the word list:  Leonard Cohen Song Titles Word Search – Graphic Only and Leonard Cohen Song Titles Word List – Graphic Only

    • Thanks for the help. See update posted 16 May 2010; 9:03 AM. My apologies for the problems.

  1. I solved it! Thanks for that, Dr!
    By the way, I happened to find three extra words in the word search that could be included in the word list, War, Law and Name. :)

    Thanks again,

    • “Name” was added in the revision as a replacement for a duplicated “waltz” (thanks to Arlene Dick for alerting me to this error). Consequently, depending on when you solved this, “name” may have been an intended answer. “War” and “law,” however, were not intended, and until your comment appeared, I had no idea they were in the jumble. In any case, yours was an outstanding effort.