Never Before Seen Videos Of Leonard Cohen Las Vegas Concert

Leonard Cohen performs Anthem - Las Vegas 2009

Discovery Of Lost Videos Offers Chance To View Otherwise Unrecorded Leonard Cohen Performances

In a post at LeonardCohenForum, bridger15 explains her discovery of five previously unseen videos taken at the November 12, 2009 Leonard Cohen Concert at Caesars Palace, the penultimate show of the latest leg of the Leonard Cohen World Tour:

In reviewing my camera memory cards, I discovered a treasure trove of five videos of the Las Vegas concert. One video in particular is a special delight. I don’t know if anyone else has a video in their private stash, but this seems to be the never before seen video capture of an exciting moment that was not repeated the following night in San Jose.

Leonard Cohen introduces Roscoe Beck - Las Vegas 2009

After completing “Anthem” at 5:35, LC segues into a set of particularly gracious introductions of his musicians that climax with a special salute at 9:14 to the newly coiffed musical director, “Roscoe, THE KID IS BACK, Beck.”

Leonard Cohen – Anthem (Las Vegas 11/12/2009)

Video from arlenedick15

The post goes on:

Perhaps another never seen gem, the patter at the beginning. There is a wonderful exchange between LC and the audience.

LC: We meet in some unlikely places
Voice from audience: We love you Leonard
LC: I’m very fond of you also

Leonard Cohen – Bird On The Wire  (Las Vegas 11/12/2009)

Video from arlenedick15

The third video is, as far as I can determine, the only recording of the Las Vegas performance of “The Future,” a clip with spot on views of the “white man dancing” sequence with the Leonard Cohen signature choreography (aided and abetted by an especially animated Roscoe Beck) and the Webb Sisters cartwheels.

Leonard Cohen – The Future (Las Vegas 11/12/2009)

Video from arlenedick15

Also available from arlenedick15 are Ain’t No Cure For Love and Who By Fire from the Las Vegas show.

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  1. Great find Arlene! Thanks to you and Heck for real treats!